Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alotta Firsts...

What does a crafter do when the gift that they hoped/expected to arrive does not?? And the party is just hours away?? I wasah scramblin' (first time I've made anything jewelry-like):

Then I made a very simple envelop out of cardstock (I got the star from a mail ad):

And I also finished my swap piece for the Oddities & Lovelies had to have a broken heart and a face in it. Here are pictures of my piece, which I titled "Progression of a Love Story"...:

Oh, love! Don't you just love it? (I mean love in and downs and all arounds) :) That's my first polymer clay "sculpt"...actually enjoyed it. And that's the first tin that I have altered...enjoyed that too!

V-day is close, very close. What to do? I would really love to see a light-hearted romantic film and have a delicious dinner, something with shrimp. How about you?

Rock on, peoples!

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