Monday, September 19, 2011

I conquered!

I finally got up the courage to create my own banner in Photoshop. This program has intimidated the heck out of me for awhile now, but, alas, I conquered! I am very proud of what I created. I do have a problem with overdoing it, so it might change a bit after I've let it sit for a spell. Soon, I'll post some images of what I've been up to's a teaser:

Until then...


  1. i think both your banner and what you've been up to lately look fantastic. thanks so much for the tease-pic. love it!

    thank you also for participating in my "tallest handmade book in the world" project. i'm so very excited about this and will be posting more information soon.


  2. Alicia, that's awesome of you to say! Thank you! :D

    I am so looking forward to creating my pages...ideas have been bouncing around in my head, ready to get out. I can't wait to see what everyone else creates too. :)



  3. Love your banner! Every time that I look at it, I notice different things. It sort of makes me think of a maze . . . a maze of the mind. . .